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Herald of Advanced Information Technology

Academic Areas and Subjects
Journal “Herald of Advanced Information Technology” (HAIT)


1. Methodology of Information Technology


1.1. Mathematical Foundations of IT

1.2. Research and Modeling of Information Processes and Technologies

1.3. Quality Assessment and IT Project Management

1.4. Design of Information Technologies and Systems

1.5. Information Technologies for Processing and Analyzing Information of Various Natures, Intelligent Sensors

1.6. Intellectual Information Technologies: Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Forecasting

1.7. Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems


2. Information Technology in Distributed Systems


2.1. Distributed Processing Data

2.2. Cloud Networking Technology

2.3. Design of Computer Systems, Networks and their Components

2.4. Diagnostics of Computer Systems

2.5. Methods and Systems of Information Security in Computer and Information Systems

2.6. Smart Cities, Internet of Things: Components, Applications


3. Information Technology in Management


3.1. Information Support of Production Facilities Management Systems

3.2. Energy Efficient Systems of Management, Regulation, Control of Production and Power Plants

3.3. Traction Electrical Systems, on-board Power Systems for Electric Vehicles and Robotic Systems

3.4. Renewable Energy Conversion Systems and Devices.

3.5. Simulation and Diagnostics of Complex Systems and Processes

3.6. Embedded Control Systems


4. Information Technology in Socio-Economic and Organizational-Technical Systems


4.1. Information Technology in Economics, Marketing and Planning

4.2. Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Systems

4.3. Information Technology in Medicine

4.4 .Information Technology in Education

4.5. Information Technology in Life Safety

4.6. Information Technology in the Entertainment Industry

4.7. Project, Program and Portfolio Management Methodology


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