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Last updated: 09.10.2020

To be completed when submitting the manuscript of the article to the editorial office in the language in which the manuscript was completed.

We, the authors of the manuscript of the article "Title" ... Full name, surname, patronymic of all
authors ... when submitting the manuscript to the editorial office of the journal, we state that:
- the manuscript contains the results of our own research; use of ideas, results and texts of other
authors are linked to the corresponding source.
- all illustrations are original and made by the authors,
- the manuscript does not contain information prohibited for any reason for publication in the
open press.

Filled in on final review of the editorial version of the manuscript (Ukrainian / English language at the choice of the authors).

We, the authors of the manuscript of the article "Title"; ... The surname, name, patronymic of all authors ... have read and approved the final version of the manuscript.


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